Creditor insurance

Whether you are diagnosed with a serious illness, become disabled or die, creditor insurance could help you meet your financial obligations.

What is creditor insurance?

Creditor insurance, sometimes called ” creditor protection “, protects you in the event of the unexpected. She can make your mortgage payments, pay off a loan balance or settle your debts for you. The nature of the unexpected can be a serious illness, such as life-threatening cancer, heart attack, stroke, death, or involuntary job loss.

How does creditor insurance work?

Creditor insurance can pay off a loan balance by making a lump sum or regular payments directly to your creditors. The maximum amount, number of payments and other terms may vary by loan type and lender. An insurance certificate containing all the details of the terms and conditions will be given to you at the time of subscription.

What can I insure with debt insurance?

Your mortgage loan

Your loan and line of credit, whether personal or business

Your credit card balance

What is covered?

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