Life insurance

You can help your family and yourself by being prepared. Consider life insurance today and protect what matters most. Insurance made easy, simple and affordable.

What is life insurance?

When you die, life insurance provides a tax-free lump sum to the people you nominate as beneficiaries, usually the people you care about the most.

There are several types of life insurance solutions and different ways to benefit from them. In addition to protecting your family, some life insurances can be used as part of your wealth accumulation. As you pay into the life insurance policy, you may be able to access money in it as it grows.

What types of life insurance are offered?

There are two main types of life insurance: term and permanent. In order to meet distinct needs, each type has unique characteristics.

Term insurance

Permanent insurance

Term life insurance Permanent life insurance
Type of protection
Temporary protection
Long term protection
Ways protection can work for you
- Compensate for loss of income

- Cover debts and funeral expenses
- Compensate for loss of income

- Cover debts and funeral expenses

- Facilitate estate planning

- Build up a heritage
Most affordable type of insurance
Typically, more expensive type of insurance than term insurance
Investment options

How much will life insurance cost me?

The cost of life insurance varies depending on the type of protection you choose. For example, term insurance will be more affordable than permanent insurance. Several factors determine the cost of your insurance policy, including:

Your age

Generally, the younger you are, the less your insurance will cost.

Your health status

Chronic illnesses, lifestyle and family history can impact the cost of insurance and drive it up.

Your gender

For example, women generally live longer than men. Their insurance could thus cost them less.

Your job

If your job is considered hazardous, the cost of your insurance may be higher.

Life insurance vs. Lending Institution
Your coverage, your advantages

Pick-A-Term Lending Institution

   YOU can insure all your loan products under the same policy.
   YOU own the contract and YOU can designate the beneficiary of your choice
   YOUR beneficiary may spend the money with no restrictions following your death.
   YOU receive the benefit in the event of disability or critical illness. You may spend the money as you wish.

Lender requires a separate insurance policy for each loan.

Lender is the owner and beneficiary of the policy.

In the event of your death, the lender repays the loan.

In the event of disability or critical illness, the lender receives the money to make loan payments.

   YOU can choose level of decreasing insurance coverage.
   YOU choose the amount of coverage you need for life, disability and critical illness insurance.
   YOU have flexibility to refinance or take out a new loan.
   YOU can convert your insurance to permanent life insurance with no questions to answer about your health.

The insurance amount decreases as the amount of the loan decreases.

The insurance amount corresponds to the balance of the loan or to the monthly payment.

The insurance amount corresponds to the balance of the loan.

New loans require new insurance.
Lenders' insurance does not include this option.


   YOU pay the same premium for the duration of your loans, even if interest rates go up.
   YOU remain insured if you change your lending institution.
   YOU are protected in the event of one of 25 covered critical illnesses when you take the additional benefit.

Your premium may be adjusted based on your age, and your disability insurance premium may vary depending on interest rates.

Your insurance ends if you change your lending institution.

When you take the additional benefit offered by a lending institution, this coverage usually extends to three critical illnesses.

Peace of mind

   YOU receive advice from an insurance specialist who takes your entire financial situation into account.

You generally receive advice that is limited to loan insurance with no consideration for you other financial needs.

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