Plan for retirement on your terms

Retirement brings light to a new stage of life and should be exciting. You’ve worked your entire life so one day you can finally slow down. It’s time your investments work for you now.

Let’s make sure all your hard work pay off

Working with an advisor can mean the difference between setting you on track for retirement and having to work a few more years.

Nearing retirement

It’s never too late to begin thinking about retirement, good planning is what will make the difference. Together, we can create a plan and set the stage for your golden years.

Shifting into retirement

As you enter your golden years, feel confident transitioning your investments into retirement income and live the life in retirement you’ve worked so hard for.

Retirement for couples

The best years are almost here, it’s time to explore income opportunities for couples if you plan on retiring together.

Retirement approaching? Turn savings into income.

Your income at retirement comes from a few places. You have guaranteed income from work, your Quebec (or Canadian) pension plan, old age security (OAS) and your own savings. We make sure that the income you generate at retirement is in line with the lifestyle you want to live.

Registered retirement income fund (RRIF)

By the end of the year at which you turn age 71, your RRSP will transition into a different account called a registered retirement income fund (RRIF). This means that you can no longer continue contributing towards your RRSP, but instead start to make withdrawals. The amount you can withdraw is up to you, and the annual minimum amounts you withdraw will not have any withheld taxes at source. Learn everything you need to know about this transition by speaking with an advisor


Invest your money into something that could start paying you for life with a life annuity. Income annuities are an easy way to instill confidence and help ensure your financial needs are covered.

Want to plan your retirement?

Our team can answer all your questions, understand your situation and help you build a plan.